Good Old YouTube!

This is one of the golden youtube videos from the golden era that you no longer see. I wish more of this kind of video did exist.


Latest Torrent Trackers

This is the most comprehensive list of the latest public torrent trackers I could TRACK. I’m sure most of you know where to paste this list, if not google where to paste it. Unless you have no idea what a torrent tracker is then this post in not meant for you. Enjoy the downloads.…

A look at the Stack

This is my current state of servers, there has been generations & servers built. But with virtualization & my discovery of hypervisors I managed to down size & shrink my home-lab environment into 2 machines.

Hello WWW

Welcome to a new start as I finally managed fo figure out how a messed up network like mine could be constructed. Layer upon layer on LANs & VLANs interconnected with external VPNs routed to my servers (VMs), where this website is hosted on one of the VMs. Anyhow this site is back up &…